FeastFest is dedicated to those who love arts, food and life!

We want art and culture to be integrated into daily life. Food represents our cultures, religions and values. By presenting works from different cultural backgrounds, FeastFest encourages people to not only respect the differences between each other but also celebrate the similarities. In this spirit, we aim to use food as a tool to promote diversity and inclusivity through arts. FeastFest presents the versatility of the forms of arts and offers different approaches to how people can interact with food. The selected works from the leading artists and festivals, use conventional tools and spaces to produce unconventional performances, that will facilitate the conversation between the arts and common life.

Supported by The Royal Docks Team – Create Your Docks fund brings local communities together across the Royal Docks and aims to activate the area, celebrate its diversity and encourage communities to get actively involved in the area’s regeneration.

FeastFest is initiated and produced by Performance Infinity.