Hold On Let Go

Unfolding Theatre


   FeastFest / Edinburg 2019


Director: Annie Rigby
Writer: Luca Rutherford
Songwriter: Paul Smith
Sounds: Mariam Rezaei
Choreographer: Liv Lorent
Dramaturg: Selina Thompson

Hold on let go 3

Hold On Let Go

by Unfolding Theatre


Alex is 56. Luca is half his age. Alex has an encyclopaedia in his head. Luca has one on her phone. Most of us forget most things, most of the time. What if we forget something important? Something that might make the world a better place? Alex can’t remember his mother’s voice. Searching opens a can of worms. Luca asks, can we become memory champions?

Show Info.




Venue 26 – Summerhall
TechCube 0

Date & Time Slot:

31 July
2 – 6, 8 – 11, 13 – 19, 21 – 25 August
8: 40 PM

Running Time: 60 minutes

Recommended Age: 12+


Thrillingly talented people.